Rimma Kazakova, renowned russian poet (1932-2008)

Heydar Aliyev was worthy and surprising person, one of the greatest politicians of our time.

Heydar Aliyev will always live in the hearts of all people who had honor to be meet him. I think that he is one of the greatest politicians of our time.

Heydar Aliyev always very much was interested in the literature, even somehow came to the Union of Writers. This meeting has allowed writers to better know him find as very clever, knowing person, is exact and deeply estimating value of culture for society.

I want to note that the estimation to any politician is given with time and his people. By that, we saw in days of funeral of Heydar Aliyev it is possible to tell unequivocally: people liked and appreciated him. He has made for people so much, that he cannot be estimated differently in any way, but as an outstanding son of his people.

Personally, my attention to Heydar Aliyevich has most of all involved with inflexibility of the character. He has got in very heavy situation, and hardly somebody from politicians would manage so flexibly, so safely and courageously to concern to the life and destiny. He really did not surrender to destiny, and, it seems to me, this is very valuable quality. He rather for a long time lived in Nakhchivan, the day when his own people has called him to lead again people and state and led the country further.

I am lucky: I have some times met Heydar Aliyevic, has speak, confidentially. It, certainly, was the attention shown to me by him. He has personally invited a number of my comrades and me to the jubilees of the great Azerbaijan poet Fizuli. On a banquet after anniversary, they came to me and have told that Heydar Aliyevich would like, that I have come up his table. For me, certainly, it there was a great honor because to communicate to such clever person always interestingly, and it is very important for the writer. We had had conversation, and I recollect, as I with some female fearlessness have asked: “It seems to me, what Russia a little incorrectly concerns to Azerbaijan and personally to Aliyev? ”. Then he told: “I understand it. But sometime it will not be”. I was surprised with advantage with what he did not begin to keep up the conversation that someone has offended him that something not so. Though even our newspapers at that time wrote, that “it is necessary to understand all the same, that such Azerbaijan that is oil that is Republic which in the Soviet state played very big role that it is necessary to return good, kind relations and to strengthen them ”. Certainly, Azerbaijan very much has gone through, and each normal person understands, that event on January 20 in Baku when it was not clear why have come in city the army and have started to kill both Azerbaijanis, and Russians, is, certainly, there was a big national tragedy. Such unreasonable policy can sometimes hammer a wedge between peoples for all stayed life. It would be sad, but, it seems to me, that the estimation is not given to all yet up to the end.

When Heydar Aliyevich has come to power in his country, one of his merits, in my opinion, was that he managed to stop the Karabakh war, and his efforts had suspended the bloodshed. Besides, he has really managed on international scene to give the new status to the Azerbaijan Republic. It, too, is an invaluable merit for the most sad in the life - when trample down national dignity, which frequently occurs not on fault of the people, societies or the states, and by virtue of circumstances. And to rise across these circumstances and overcome them, break it is big advantage of the head of state and politician.

I recollect, as I took part in the celebrations connected to reception of early Azerbaijani oil. I saw, with what pleasure, with what advantage, with what pride marked all this in Azerbaijan and as Heydar Aliyev was pleased.

I also remember how I was on the evening of my favorite poet Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh that I, as is known, translated. Then, Heydar Aliyevich has awarded me with the attention, small conversation. He told words which for all life have sunk down in my soul, have taken in it a special place.

Several years ago, I with the colleagues prepared for documentary film about Heydar Aliyev. Unfortunately, this film was not shown on screens. But Aliyev has awarded me with that has given me interview and has told: “I allow to nobody interview, but to Rimma I will. I have forever remembered this interview where there were many questions and many deep and substantial answers. To me one question and one answer were especially remembered: “As you consider, what kind of people have you, what mentality it has? ” He has a little reflected, and then with deep confidence and feeling of huge pride has told: “My people - is very kind, wide soul, generous, lasts to science, to knowledge ”. “Heydar Aliyevich, so the same I can tell and about our Russian people!” “And where you saw the head or the person who something would tell about his people another ”, he answered.

I always traced the situation in Azerbaijan and looked at the Republic with the eyes of my Azerbaijani friends. Certainly, the brightest star in this sky Heydar Aliyev was. It was very interesting to me to observe how he works.

It seems to me, that our President Vladimir Putin too has been fascinated with Aliyev, in the certain degree, we have seen it and in how he has considered his son - to Ilham Aliyev when he became me the Prime Minister of Republic. During V. Putin's meeting with Ilham Aliyev, I have paid attention that our President never before was not so tender, intimate, as in the attitude to Ilham Aliyev. I saw his especially gentle, warm, and brotherly to Ilham Aliyev and it was appreciable even on the screen.

I think that for the Republic is very well that the son of Heydar Aliyev, Ilham Aliev was elected as President. In fact, there is no secret, that Ilham Aliyev is very much educated person, the person of high human qualities. Yes, it seems to me, that such father and cannot have other son. I hope that all Heydar Aliyev has done and his son anyhow has participated in, will be continued without any unexpectedness.