To Writer Anar - March 13, 1998

Distinguished Anar!

I congratulate you, the famous writer, playwright and public figure of the people, on your 60th anniversary.

You are one of the prominent representatives of the generation of writers who brought a new style to our literature in the 60s. Your works, which reflect the rich spiritual world, cares and problems of our contemporaries on a high artistic level have always been in the focus of the lovers of literature. Your multi-branch creative work containing the unity of national and universal values contributed to the cultivation of national consciousness and recognition of our country in the world. The plays, which praise the ideas of purity, especially “The Summer Days of the City” play drew attention to moral the problems of the society. Your creative approach to the epos of “Kitabi Dede Korkut”, which is a symbol of pride, honor and dignity, made its heroes dear and native for our contemporaries. You efforts should be mentioned particularly in occupying of this epos significant place in education of the young generation.

Your creative activity, which revived the traditions of “Molla Nasraddin” and the lessons of Mirza Jalil for the people on our stage and in journalism, is noteworthy. Topics of Uzeyir bey reflected in your works reemphasized the importance of perception of our past history.

“Gobustan”, a collection created on your initiative, has become the herald of the ideas of Azerbaijaniism and played an important role in the formation of the national, moral ideals and feelings of a great generation.

Changes in the country and society brought Anar fame as a publicist and scholar. Your public activity is a visual example expressed your works.

Today, I recall our favorite poets Nigar Rafibayli and Rasul Rza, who occupied a prominent place in the history of the Azerbaijani literature and have great services, on your anniversary and express my pleasure that you are a worthy son of this family.

I am sure that you will not deny your rich experience and ability for the development of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan.

I wish you a long life, good health and new successes. 

Heydar Aliyev,

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan