Statement of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the joint press conference with Hans van den Broek - Commissioner of the European Union October 4, 1995

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

You, media representatives, have participated in negotiations with the head of the EU delegation and the members of the delegation, and are aware of the content of it. Therefore there is no need to give extensive information about it. I just want to say that cooperation between Azerbaijan and EU is developing rapidly. While I was at the EU headquarter in Brussels, I had had extensive talks with the heads of this Union, Mr. Jack Santer and Mr. Hans van den Broek and with others as well. After that, great changes happened in our cooperation. Because of hard economic  situation in Azerbaijan EU supports  our country with food and other  aids. Our  cooperation  is well  organized in all spheres.

But I want to note that there is a big need for our cooperation to be further developed. Considering this I invited Mr. Hans van den Broek to Azerbaijan for official visit. Having accepted  my invitation he came to Azerbaijan with a big delegation. I think the negotiations we conducted were very productive. As a result we have just signed a new memorandum between Azerbaijan and EU. By the Republic of Azerbaijan Prime Minister Fuad Guliyev and by the EU commissioner of European  Union Mr. Hans van den   Broek signed the memorandum.

Our cooperation is not only limited to this memorandum. This is the document regarding the present time. We   have offered our proposal to cooperate with EU and be its partner. Those proposals have been accepted.  In these days we will appoint special delegation for negotiations. As a consequence of negotiations this delegation will visit Brussels at the end of this month or the beginning of November. Negotiations will be conducted to build cooperation at partnership level.

On the basis of these negotiations a big contract is going to be signed. We want it and will take relevant actions in this field. We support the development of cooperation with the EU. I think Mr. Hans van den Broek‘s visit to Azerbaijan will positively affect this issue.

Mr. Hans van den Broek visited the region where refugees are settled and met with refugees there. He himself have seen the hard conditions of our citizens displaced  from the territory of Azerbaijan by force. The delegation accompanying him also have been there. All these are good means to get more exact, detailed and objective information about Azerbaijan in the European Union. Therefore I express my gratitude to Mr. Hans van den Broek and to the delegation accompanying him for coming and doing these works here. I think Mr. Hans van den Broek will also make his statement.