Historical background to the document "From the speech of the President of the republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the meeting with children of children homes and boarding schools on the occasion of the new year (Shahriyar Cultural Center, December 31, 1995)"

Social and legal protection of the children in Azerbaijan and other related issues have been normalized by the constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan and by some other legislative, normative-juridical acts. The main normative act is the law of the republic of Azerbaijan on “children`s rights” was adopted on may 19,1998. The Azerbaijani government together with the international organizations in our country takes important measures for the solution the problems of the children with disabilities. One such group is the children deprived of the care of parents. On June, 1999, for the protection of these children by the decree of the President Heydar Aliyev the law of the republic of Azerbaijan “on the social maintenance of the orphans and children deprived from the care of parents” was adopted.

On september 6-8, 2000 at the millennium summit in new york Heydar Aliyev signed the optional protocols of the convention “on non-involvement of the children in the armed conflicts” and “on child trafficking, child prostitution, child pornography.” The government always pays great attention to the protection of the children’s rights.

“90 Instants of the Great leader”, Heydar Aliyev Heritage research center, “Sharq-Qarb”, Baku-2013, p.61