From the conversation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at Kyoto Handicrafts centre - February 28, 1998

Today we saw here such fine examples, rare works of art of the Japanese people. Miniature handmade works with beautiful decoration, a variety of souvenirs, gifts made with high mastery and exquisite taste, objects reflecting ancient mode of life, customs and traditions of the Japanese people and decorations made beautifully and elegantly. In a variety of exquisite handmade items decorated with national ornaments one can feel the warmth of the craftsmen who have created them. Every work of art embodies the mode of life, culture, tastes, and the intellectual level of the Japanese people. At the same time all this proves once more the love and respect of the Japanese people for the ancient folk art.

Presenting and exploring the center of handicrafts here today made us very happy. I am very pleased and grateful to you. I wish you success in your endeavors.