Speech of Heydar Aliyev at the reception held in honor of the President of Azerbaijan on behalf of the Executive Board of "Mercedes-Benz" Germany, Baden - W├╝rttemberg, 4 July 1996

Esteemed president, ladies and gentlemen! I am finishing my official visit to Germany, I am very pleased to be here, in the headquarters of your company and I think this meeting of great importance. Your company is one of the biggest and the most popular company of the world, you have gained world-wide fame with your activity.

Today you presented me the first model of the car produced in 1888. This is a very valuable gift for me. I express you my gratitude. At the same time, we witnessed what a great and successful way you have passed since 1888. Your cars, buses, as well as planes, helicopters and other production have gained great fame in all the countries of the world. There are many companies and countries in the world producing cars. However, everybody admits that not any company can produce such high-quality and beautiful cars as "Mercedes". Perhaps your competitors will not agree with me. However, this is the opinion of the Azerbaijani consumers. Personally I think so. Therefore, my personal car in Azerbaijan is the production of your company.

I congratulate you on the occasion of these achievements. You fascinate the world with your grand activity. At the same time, despite of these achievements, you have set immense goals. I hope that you will successfully achieve them. The main purpose and meaning of my 4-day official visit to Germany was the expansion and improvement of the German-Azerbaijani cooperation, economic cooperation, in particular. From this point of view we attach great importance to the cooperation with your company in Azerbaijan.

You mentioned the opening of the representative office of "Mercedes-Benz" in Azerbaijan and you cooperate with us, you proposed to export new buses to Azerbaijan. Of course, this is worth of attention. However, I wish our cooperation were broader. You established your enterprises in many countries of the world. From this point of view Azerbaijan is a very favorable country and we can cooperate with you in this sphere. We started to construct a big vehicle in Azerbaijan in 1981-1982. But, the construction was left unfinished, though a part of the construction is complete and huge production sectors are ready. To my mind, we should think of the joint use of it. I propose you to send your specialists to discuss and analyze the feasibility of this issue. There are other possibilities except production sphere.

I want that my visit today to your city and your enterprise not to remain as a sightseeing tour. I always try to finish my visits with practical results. Of course, it is not the purchase of a new car in your plant. Perhaps, there is no need to come here for this purpose. You sell your cars everywhere and it is possible to purchase them anywhere. My purpose is the creation of grounds for cooperation with you. Therefore I make these proposals. You can be confident that we will be reliable partner for you. I wish you successes in the achievement of all your tasks and in the settlement of all problems. I wish successes to your company, to your huge production sectors and to all your employees.

I was told that the wine in Baden- Württemberg is of the best quality. You said that only you drink it and don`t offer it to others. Thank you for offering it to us. I raise this glass filled with this fine wine in honor of your future successes.
Thank you.