Suleyman Demirel, 9th President of the Republic of Turkey (1993-2000)

In this visit that strengthens the links we are combined and reflects the wish of establishment of cooperation between our peoples, except the official meetings, we had one-on-one, sincere exchange of views on a range of issues with my dear friend and brother, esteemed President Heydar Aliyev. Esteemed Aliyev’s exact awareness of numerous issues and his real and valuable thoughts lighten our way. Heydar Aliyev’s adherence to the ideal of Azerbaijan pleases his nation as much as he inspires us.

By leadership of esteemed Heydar Aliyev the democratic system will be restored in the fraternal Azerbaijan. This process will give a strong impetus to the close relations between our countries.

… I would like to disclose one truth. The continued friendship between esteemed Heydar Aliyev and me has created a deep confidence in each of us and we persistently have contact and meet. I feel a particular pleasure of telling these words in the existence of Heydar Aliyev who has courageously come across the hard ordeals of life with his will, and is the symbol of faith in friendship”.