Baltic-Black sea cooperation in Yalta: Speech of Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev at the Yalta summit with the topic of XXI century towards European integration without dividing lines - September 9, 1999

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Dear Mr. Chairman,

Dear heads of states and government,

Ladies and gentlemen!

I am heartily greeting participants of international conference and let me express my sincere gratitude to the president of Ukraine Leonid Danilovich Kuchma, to Ukraine government and nation for their friendly meeting, hospitality and for the creation of excellent condition for our work.

The idea of Yalta summit -achieving integrated Europe without dividing lines in XXI century is important and urgent for each participant, including Azerbaijan.

The development of multilateral cooperation and insurance of stability in the region play important role in strengthening state independence and sovereignty of our nations.

The existing and operating organizations and forums such as Organization of Baltic sea cooperation, and GUUAM are tending to get closer relations with European organizations in the Territory of Baltic-Black Sea.

This process, undoubtedly will be helpful in creating future European architecture, putting together our efforts in common European process directed to mutually beneficial economic cooperation and integration.

The reconstruction of SILK WAY and Europe –Caucasus –Asia transport corridor, creation of transnational energy communications providing transportation of energy carriers are the practical indication of this idea.

In the conditions of realities at the end of XX century we have to do our utmost to establish and develop democracy, and rule of law in independent countries, to provide social justice, human rights, to develop market economy and provide harmonious integration of these countries with new Europe of XXI century. We have to jointly fight against international and regional conflict, separatism and terrorism creating a barrier for some nations desiring to develop, live in peace and stability.

The conflict between Azerbaijan-Armenia is going on more than 10 years. At the result of conflict 20% of territories of our country were occupied, more than 700 villages and cities were destroyed; over million citizens have become refugees. We are doing our utmost to solve this conflict via peaceful way based on the international principles, laws and norms.

We are desiring to solve the conflict as soon as possible, and to restore territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and to send all refugees back to their own homes. By demonstrating goodwill, we are ready to give autonomy to Nagorno-Karabakh in high level. With the aim to achieve our goals we are ready to work assiduously with Minsk group, with co-chairs as the representative  face of France, Russia, US and we are ready to comprehensively carry out terms of cease–fire starting  in 1994 till we will attain peace and solution of this conflict.

There is no doubt that the countries within the same situation with Azerbaijan will be able to use their full  potential comprehensively in the field of developing democracy, economic progress and stability in Europe continent after settling all conflicts and abolishing their destructive result.

Dear participants, in 1945 Yalta conference was held and that conference divided Europe into groups according to their reputations and caused to long-term "cold war". It is remarkable that 55 years later in that same place-in Livadiya palace in Yalta we are discussing construction way of integrated Europe without dividing lines, the construction way of Europe characterized with peace, cooperation and progress.

I wish good luck to all participated countries on their work for the sake of their noble goals.

Thanks for your attention.