Interview of the Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev for the Turkish journalist - Lisbon, December 3, 1996

Question: Mr. President, what can you tell about the results of the Lisbon summit?

Answer: I think that the results of the Lisbon summit are positive for Azerbaijan. In spite of the fact that in the declaration accepted at this meeting, nothing is said about Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, the acting chairman of OSCE Flavio Cotti spoke with a statement on behalf of the heads of states and governments of the participating countries of OSCE. In this statement he declared the decision of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, Mountainous Garabagh problems only on the basis of three principles. He said that all member-states of OSCE with the exception of Armenia support these principles. The territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, granting the high status of self-government to Mountainous Garabagh within the Azerbaijani Republic and provision of security for all population of Mountainous Garabagh have found its reflection in these three principles. Therefore I think that the result of this summit is positive for Azerbaijan.

Question: Mr. President, how do you appreciate the support of Turkey to Azerbaijan in the question of peace settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict?

Answer: I appreciate it well. As soon as I arrived in Lisbon, I meet here with dear President Suleiman Demirel, we have discussed these issues. When the acting chairman of OSCE spoke with a statement about peace settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, the Turkish representative supported it too.