Official visit of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Italy (September 25-27, 1997)

Italy as one of the most important centers of power and politics in the globalizing world is seriously interested in the dynamic integration of Azerbaijan to the eurostructures and expansion of cooperation with Azerbaijan which has become a locomotive state of the Southern Caucasus for its favorable geographic location, rich natural resources and level of democratic development.

On September 25-27, 1997, the first official visit of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev to Poland was a significant step for the development of relations in all the fields between two countries.

On September 25, during his meeting with the president of the Republic of Italy Oscar Luici Luigi Scalfaro, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev talked about his special attention to the development of the Azerbaijani-Italian relations, as well as considering Italy to have great democratic traditions in Europe, developed economy and a good partner for cooperation. Within the framework of the visit, they touched upon the issues of internal political situation in the beginning years of the independence and the Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict. On the same day, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev met Prime Minister Romano Prodi at Rome`s «Gichi Palace», as well as the chairman of the Italian Senate N.Mansio and the chairman of Chamber of Deputies L.Violante at the Parliamentary Palace. Various aspects of bilateral relations were discussed at the meetings. 

As a result of the visit of the Azerbaijani President to Italy seven agreements on political, economic, cultural and technical cooperation between two countries were signed:

Joint Declarations on the Principles of Relations, on Economic Cooperation, on Cultural, Scientific and Technological Cooperation, Agreement on Technical Cooperation between Two States in 1997-1998s, agreements on Cooperation in the Field of Tourism, on Air Services, on Protection and Encouragement of Investments were signed.

In addition, they signed a document on the main commercial principles and regulations of the agreement on exploration, development and product sharing of «Kurdashi» block between the Azerbaijan State Oil Company and «Eni-Acip» company of Italy.

On September 26, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev talked about the existence of great opportunities for reviving the Azerbaijani-Italian relations in his meeting with the president of «Alenia» company of Italy.

During his visit, Haydar Aliyev met also the mayors of Rome and Naples and the representatives of great «Enel», «ENI», «Fata» companies.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev gave interviews to «Lya Republic» newspaper and «Sole 24 ope» daily economic magazine.

In his interview to «Sole 24 ope» Haydar Aliyev mentioned: My biggest impression is that the Soviet Union collapsed and Azerbaijan gained its independence. I believe that the collapse of Soviet Union at the end of XX century is a vital event. This is also a great happiness for the Azerbaijani people. Just as a result of it Azerbaijan gained its national liberty and independence.

The official visit of the President of the republic of Azerbaijan to Italy provided favorable conditions and great perspectives for strengthening the relations in the all fields between the two countries.