Statement of the Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev at the meeting of the CIS Council of Heads of States on the large-scale attacks of the Armenian Armed Forces in Azerbaijan`s territory - Moscow, April 15, 1994

The state of emergency induced me to address to you with this statement.

Since April 10 of the current year, the armed forces of Armenia have undertaken new large-scale attacks in the direction of Goranboy and Terter regions, and since April 11-in direction of Aghdare and Aghdam regions of the Azerbaijan Republic. These days the Azerbaijan divisions, beating off continuous attacks of numerically surpassing units of armed forces of Armenia and conduct bloody defensive fights. The military contingent by a number near by 3000 person together with tens armored units and heavy artillery, including "Grad" installations have been brought from territory of Armenia to a zone of the conflict. The above mentioned settlements of Azerbaijan are fired by these installations. There are huge destructions and numerous victims among civilians in these villages.

Thus, the Republic of Armenia, continuing the aggressive war in the territory of Azerbaijan, threatening Azerbaijan`s statehood, encroaches independence, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Continuing aggression, Armenia blocks the process of peace settlement, in where by Azerbaijan takes the most active participation. Carrying out every time the next attack during or before large intermediary initiatives, the aggressor throws a cynical call to the world community, which unfortunately, takes unsuccessful attempts to prevent this bloody conflict.

I estimate the last attack of armenians as a new stage of aggression of the Republic of Armenia, having a purpose to occupy new Azerbaijan`s territories. Despite numerous statements on its aspiration to the peace resolution of the conflict, the Republic of Armenia displays its original intentions - to put pressure to Azerbaijan and its leadership and to block peace process with its last attack on territories of the sovereign state-member of the CIS.

I want to draw your attention especially to a new attack of the Armenian armed forces which began a day prior to opening sessions of the CSCE Minsk group on April 11 in Prague, in which the representatives of Azerbaijan and Armenia were participating as well.

Escalation of aggression by the Republic of Armenia against Azerbaijan occurs during carrying out intensive negotiations within the limits of the Russian intermediary initiative and during a present meeting of heads of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

It is necessary to note that after the session of heads of the CIS countries in Ashgabat in December, 1993-at that time I met with the president of Armenia L.Ter-Petrosyan, no positive changes have been observed in the policy of the Republic of Armenia concerning the Azerbaijan Republic. Armenian armed forces continue to occupy more than 20 percent of Azerbaijan`s territory and carry out ethnic cleaning; people perish, one million Azerbaijani refugees, settled in tent camps at small towns, experience extreme deprivations and sufferings.

I want to emphasize that Azerbaijan has actively participated in all intermediary efforts of the world community, including the international organizations and great powers. Besides my negotiations with the President of Armenia, I can note as an example, a meeting of Ministers of Defense of Azerbaijan, Armenia and the Russian Federation on February 18, 1994, a visit of Yan Eliasson, a chairman of the CSCE Minsk group to Azerbaijan and Armenia in March, 1994, a meeting of parliament speakers of Azerbaijan and Armenia on March 12, talks with the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation V. N. Kazimirov in Baku and Moscow, a visit of peace-making group of Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the CIS in March, 1994. However, all attempts of Azerbaijan to find the mutually acceptable conciliatory decision meets Armenia`s position of violence.

Moving unacceptable terms in advance, the Republic of Armenia hinders to any constructive proposals. These conditions consists of aspirations of the Republic of Armenia, which have created grounds for military exercises in the territory of Azerbaijan, to exchange occupied territories for the status of the independence of Mountainous Garabagh (Nagorno-Karabakh), which, actually means to dismember the Azerbaijan Republic.

The fair position of the Azerbaijan Republic consists of aspiration to achieve liberation of all occupied territories and restoration of the sovereignty, returning of refugees and displaced persons to places of their permament residing and elimination of consequences of aggression by the Republic of Armenia. Azerbaijan does not wish war and calls Armenia for the peace on the basis of the standard principles of mutual relations of the sovereign states. Aspiring to the civil peace and solidarity, the Azerbaijan government is ready to guarantee safety and civil rights for the Armenian inhabitants of the Mountainous Garabagh (Nagorno-Karabakh) region, but provided that they will obey the Azerbaijan Constitution.

As you remember, in Ashgabat Azerbaijan suggested to develop a system of the bilateral and multilateral agreements directed on stabilization of a political situation, a mutual recognition and respect of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders of each of the states-members of the CIS.

I am speaking once again about it because the life affirms: the indifferent attitude to the scandalous fact when one member of the Commonwealth of Independent States - the Republic of Armenia openly makes an aggression against other member of the CIS - the Azerbaijan Republic, practically closes prospects of formation of the viable international organization which all of us would wish to see our Commonwealth.

I would like to call you to discuss the issue on the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict with the purpose of acceptance of the concrete decisions eliminating aggression against the Azerbaijan Republic and its consequence at the present meeting.

Addressing to heads of the states, we again urgently call:

- To state a political estimation of the aggression by the Republic of Armenia against the Azerbaijan Republic;

- To demand from the Republic of Armenia to stop military actions against the Azerbaijan Republic and immediate and unconditional withdraw its armed forces from the territory of sovereign Azerbaijan;

- To demand from the Republic of Armenia resolute political guarantees not to resume the military actions;

- To apply sanctions concerning a member of the CIS - the Republic of Armenia which carries out military aggression against other member of the CIS.

The further delay and inactivity can cause big disasters for all states of the Commonwealth.

Heydar Aliyev,
The president of the Azerbaijan Republic.