F.R.Bakhshaliyev. “HAYDAR ALIYEV AND THE MAIN EDUCATION SYSTEM OF AZERBAIJAN (the comparative – historical experiment on teaching problem)” (2011)


The dissertation cosists of introduction, 3 schapters, 13 subtitles, conclusion and suggestions and the used literature.

Introduction deals with the actuality defining the object aim the problem methods, scientifik innovation, practical and theoritical importance of the problem and the appendix.

Of the opening of new educational institutions in Baku, Ganja, Naxhchivan, Shamaxhı and other cities. Given problem deals with the education and teaching problems among the enlightment measures carried out by the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

Here includes Haydar Aliyev′s care for education and his roles in the development of education in abroad.

Second and third chapters of the dissertation deal with Haydar Aliyev′s activities as an education and teaching theoretic and the founder of the reforms led in the 90′s of the last century. Here includes development of the educution reform on the levels, first successes, results of the integration process into the world education system.