Selahettin Dikmen. “HAYDAR ALIYEV’S DIPLOMATIC VIEWS” (2008)


At the beginning of the thesis the actuality of the problem is pointed out, the degree of the learning level is analyzed, the aim and the duties of the investigation is defined, the literary search is performed, the basis, the academicals, and the practical significances of the thesis are explained.

The first chapter is entitled “The Role of the Diplomacy of Haydar Aliyev in the Stiffening of Azerbaijan Statecraft”. In ihis chapter the life of Haydar Aliyev and some parts of his creativity and kept going his political leadership, statesman and diplomat sides are mentioned.

The second chapter is entitled “The West Side of the Diplomacy of Haydar Aliyev”. In this part the diplomacy of Haydar Aliyev in setting up the relations between Azerbaijan and the USA, the appearance of Azerbaijan in the international arena and strengthening the relation between Azerbaijan and Turkey are analyzed.

The third chapier is entitled “The Role of the Diplomacy of Haydar Aliyev in Preparation and Realization of the Petroleum Strategy of Azerbaijan”. The petroleum potency of Azerbaijan in foreign policy is examined. Statistical materials are collected, explained, generalized and referred to the importance of the strategy of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy. At the same time Haydar Aliyev's diplomacy role in the context of petroleum and communication is explained.

In the part of the conclusion of the thesis the generalization method is used, the results are explained, the perspectives of Azerbaijan Republic in new geopolitical relationship systems and its growing sides are clarified and the importance of learning traditions of Diplomacy School of Haydar Aliyev are shown.