Speech of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the evening dedicated to the 80th anniversary of, People`s Artist of Azerbaijan composer Tofig Guliyev - Republican Palace, November 19, 1997

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Dear Tofig,

I sent you a letter of congratulation on the occasion of your 80th birthday. I want you to know that all the letters I send are written by me from the beginning to the end. You all know that all the words I say come from my heart and I never used notes while speaking. Celebrating your anniversary in the solemn form we all have implemented our duties. Maybe I would not have come here. But you said on this anniversary so many words about me that I decided to come up here and tell you that it is your birthday and your day.

The people of Azerbaijan have endowed mankind with very prominent people, poets, writers, scholars, generals and politicians. Dear Tofig, you occupy a special and very decent place among them.

Today at this solemn event and on this beautiful evening we got acquainted with your life. Dear brother, in your 80th birthday you can be proud that you lived a glorious life, has done a tremendous job, faithfully served the people and created beautiful works for your people. Therefore, we express our appreciation to you. We express our gratitude to you for your works, for the beautiful songs and music, for your organizational activities and the continued active participation in the social life of Azerbaijan. You did a great work and perhaps, that you are worth of even greater fame and respect than today's ceremony.

The Azerbaijani people live under the influence of your songs for 60 years. Your songs are great gifts not only for our people, but for all mankind and the world. Your songs and music bring joy, inspire our people and give strength to live and create.

Music in general, is a piece of art which is dear to every person. All genres of music have always been loved by the people. However, the song is closer to the Oriental people. If opera and symphonic music is admired by many people, they are not perceived by all. But the song and in particular, songs created by such a composer like you encourage all people, from the young to the old, both men and women. Thus, the song has an eternal life.

Tofig, you can be proud that you celebrate your 80th birthday in good health and in excellent conditions. You will write, create new songs and music and please us with them. I wish you health and more successes in your creativity.

We all shall leave this world. But the songs and music will live forever. The songs and music of Tofig Guliyev will always live.

Glory to music!

Glory to art!

Long live Tofig Guliyev!

“Heydar Aliyev: Our independence is eternal” (speeches, statements, interviews, letters, addresses, decrees) – “Azerneshr”, Baku – 2004, p. 214-215