Historical background to the document "Speech of the Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev at the IV Summit of the Organization of Economic Cooperation. Ashgabat (14 May 1996)"

The first relations of the Republic of Azerbaijan with ECO were established in the February of 1991. The Act on the admission to ECO and the Izmir Treaty signed by the foreign ministers of the member states was ratified by the parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan on September 3, 1993. The policy pursued by Heydar Aliyev on expanding the relations with the Muslim world made it necessary to develop the relations with ECO.

On May 13-14, 1996, Heydar Aliyev attended the IV ECO Summit in Ashgabat. The summit adopted the program on the development of transport and communications (1998-2007). In 1996, it was decided to hold the summits of the organization every two years. The high officials regularly represent Azerbaijan in the ECO summits. Heydar Aliyev attended the ECO summits in Tehran on June 9, 2000, and in Istanbul on October 18, 2002. On February 17, 2001, Heydar Aliyev met the Secretary General of the Economic Cooperation Organization Abdolrahim Gavahi and discussed with him the issues of mutual interest.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev also expanding the relations with ECO. It is in the focus as one of priorities of the foreign policy of Azerbaijan.

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