To People`s Artist Rasim Balayev – Baku, August 7, 1998

Distinguished Rasim Balayev!

I congratulate you, the prominent representative of the Azerbaijani cinema art on your 50th anniversary.

You have won the respect of spectators with your brilliant performances by continuing the rich traditions of our national cinema worthily. As a result of your innate talent and capabilities, your first performance as Nesimi in the Azerbaijani cinema has been included to the list of the rare pearls of our cinema and it have stimulated your future career. You have built a bridge between our historical past and modernity by performing the parts of the mighty personalities skillfully and contributed to the promotion of our national-spiritual values.

You have embodied the rich and substantial characters of our contemporaries by using the opportunities of the cinema art skillfully. Not accidentally, all your matchless performances which are natural and persuasive have been welcomed by art lovers.

Your public activity as the first secretary of the Union of the Azerbaijani Cinematographers is also estimable. Your creative work and public activity have been highly appreciated by the government and you have been awarded with different prizes for your contributions. However, the greatest award for you is the people`s love.

I am sure that as an experienced actor you will do your best for the development of the culture of the independent Azerbaijan in this period, when you are stepping into the wisest age of your life, and will gladden your admirers with new performances. I wish you good health, happiness, and successes in your career.

Heydar Aliyev,

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan