Speech of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the official reception in honor of the national holiday of the People`s Republic of China - September, 30, 1999

Distinguished Mr. Ambassador!

Esteemed ladies and gentlemen!

I heartily congratulate you on the national holiday of the Chinese people-50 years of foundation of the People\'s Republic of China. I wish the great Chinese people peace and happiness.

I regret that we do not have an interpreter and that is why the esteemed ambassador made his speech in Russian. Respecting the People\'s Republic of China and its esteemed ambassador in Azerbaijan I will continue my speech in Russian.

50 years ago an event of great historical importance took place on the Chinese lands. China has very rich and very ancient history. All the world, including, Azerbaijanis are well aware of all this. But the fact that took place in 1949 totally changed everything and the Chinese people followed the way they chose, that is started to pursue independent policy, give impetus to the development of their country, and provide of better conditions for their people.

In his speech Mr. Ambassador mentioned very convincing, impressive figures and facts concerning the great achievements of the Chinese people in the last 50 and especially in the latest 20 years.

We show great respect to the way chosen by each nation. The way chosen by a nation is its own business. We believe that nobody should ever interfere with it. That is why the way chosen by the Chinese people is fully relevant to the national interests and traditions of China and naturally enjoys respect and recognition all over the world, including in Azerbaijan.

By carrying out economic and social reforms the Chinese people have reached a great success in recent years. Nowadays all the world goes through re-construction and development process. Underdeveloped countries want to keep up with other countries. Economically developed countries try to help and support other small countries. The countries that have recently gained their independence go through their way of development-burdensome, hard but at the same time the right one.

Basing on the ideological principles of the system, chosen by this country, the Chinese people tried numerous forms of organizing their life in 50 years. The reforms carried out by China in the last decade, have really been very successful and productive for China, exclusively for China. That is why one should not try to seek for the unique way in all the countries. One should not try to push small countries to imitate everything the great powers have. One should not try to stimulate other countries to exactly apply different forms of successful administration, economic activity that had successful results in developed countries.

There are many countries in the world that are at different stages and levels of their development. Naturally, every country sets up its way of development according to this and has to do so. Nobody should interfere with this. In this regard, China has gained its independence. I am saying this in a broad meaning. Namely, China has always been a large state. But after 1949 the sovereignty and independence of China assumed a new form, fulfilling the contemporary interests of the Chinese people. But China didn\'t turn to imitate the things exported there, it followed its own way-the way of reforms, consistent with national interests and national priorities, and achieved certain results.

On the day of the 50th anniversary of the People\'s Republic of China I heartily congratulate the Chinese people on the occasion of this great success and wish the authority of the People\'s Republic of China, the chairman of the People\'s Republic of China esteemed Tszyan Tszemin new success in this way.

It may be said with great pleasure it may be said that, after Azerbaijan gained its independence, friendly relations were made between our country and the People\'s Republic of China. We appreciate it very much and attach great importance to it. We wanted it and have it now.

It is true that our countries are geographically far from each-other. But if in the Middle Ages and before that Silk Way combined all countries in this way, beginning from China, Japan to the remotest area of Europe, now-when the 20th century is coming to an end, when the humanity has made great progress in technical field, this distance is of no importance.

I consider our cooperation successful. Of course, we would like our cooperation to be more productive. We aspire to it. I can say that we feel the People\'s Republic of China has such a desire too. But it should be agreed that not everything is immediately obtained. It takes some time. I think that time will undoubtedly serve to our cooperation to be tighter and closer.

Existence of the Azerbaijani embassy in China, Beijing for a long time proves that Azerbaijan wants to keep friendly relations with the People\'s Republic of China. Evidently, as a young country, Azerbaijan does not have great means and opportunities to have embassies in all countries, in most countries of the world. We want this very much, but cannot afford it. But in such circumstance, already 5 years, even 6 years ago, we made a decision to open Azerbaijani embassy in China, taking into account that it will stimulate our successful cooperation. It is pleasant that the People\'s Republic of China, showing consideration to Azerbaijan also opened its embassy here. This embassy has been working successfully. All this shows again and again that we cooperate now and will do this in future.

Mr. Ambassador, like you, we also consider that every country-both very large and small country must follow its own way, and respect the ways of all other countries, including China\'s. That is why we wish to be treated with similar respect.

The principle of territorial integrity is the most important item and you Mr. Ambassador, reminded it. It is not our matter, not yours. This is the matter of international law, one of the major principles of the UN. Thus, we want every country-regardless of our attitude to it-to have opportunity to keep its territorial integrity and inviolability. We wish it to China as well and try for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan to be kept and strengthened.

We remember the resolutions adopted by the Security Council of the UN in 1992-1993 in connection with the occupation of some regions of Azerbaijan by the Armenian military forces. Those resolutions, unanimously adopted by all the permanent members of the Security Council, one of which is the People\'s Republic of China too, demanded the unconditional withdrawal of the Armenian military forces from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, these resolutions remained unfulfilled.

Today we are grateful to China that, in that period, during the discussion of the problem of occupation of Azerbaijan territory by the Armenian military forcrs China voted for unconditional withdrawal of Armenian forces. Along with this, we would wish the Security Council of which permanent member China is and which has the decisive voice, to attain the implementation of its resolutions and decisions. It may be regretfully said that from this point of view the Security Council seems to lack a lot. In present circumstance I do not attribute it to this or that member of the Security Council, I just mention our attitude to the Security Council.

We consider that China must also completely restore its territorial integrity as well. In my opinion, the People\'s Republic of China must stand in the position of complete restoration of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan as it does now.

With great sincerity I remember my official visit to China in 1994, numerous meetings and talks, especially meetings and talks with the chairman of the People\'s Republic of China Mr. Tszyan Tszemin, interstate documents that we signed, our visit to Shanghai, acquaintance with the reforms underway. All this greatly impressed me. Of course, the history of China, the Great Wall of China, that I had a chance to visit is very impressive.

In a word, I consider that after 1994 tighter relations were made between us. I appreciate these relations. I appreciate the private relations made between me and the chairman of PRC Mr. Tszyan Tszemin and will spare no effort for successful development of these relations.

Once more I congratulate you on the holiday!

Once more I wish the great Chinese people success, happiness, peace and welfare!

Translated from \"Azerbaijan\" newspaper, October, 1, 1999