President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev received the officials of "AMOKO" - January 30, 1994

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev received Robert Blanton, chairman of the US "AMOKO" company on the Eurasian countries, Don Stacey, president of the company and Tom Doss, manager of the projects on "Azeri" and "Chirag". After greeting the guests, President said that the continuation of cooperation with "AMOKO" was the main course of the country in the oil industry and it would not change. He said that the reason of suspension of the signature of the agreement was failure of proposals of expert group to meet the demands of the State Oil Company. He said that negotiations could be continued after their re-consideration.

Heydar Aliyev said that an agreement for 30 years is expedient for Azerbaijan: "We must be completely confident that our people will take maximum benefit from their natural resources. On the other hand, the agreement which we are going to sign must create conditions to strengthen the political position of Azerbaijan abroad." President noted that "AMOKO" is an influential US company and contacts with it must assist to our profitable bilateral cooperation with the United States.

Addressing the guests President said: "You have brought humanitarian aid for the children of refugees and IDPs in Azerbaijan. There are over one million refugees in our country at the moment. They have been forced to leave their homes as a result of the Armenian aggression. We rely on the aid and solidarity of the international organizations in this struggle".

Robert Blanton said that he was satisfied meeting President Heydar Aliyev and he would inform the US foreign policy circles and media of the Azerbaijani realities. He assured that he would not spare efforts in this direction as soon as he returns to Washington. Robert Blanton said that he has brought 10 thousand pieces of clothes for the children of refugees and IDPs and he would continue his assistance.

President of the board of directors of "AMOKO" said that he wished the restart of negotiations on the exploration of the deposits of "Azeri" and "Chirag" soon. He said he hoped of negotiations will soon end and a new stage of cooperation will begin.

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