Statement of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev at the press conference of the Turkic-speaking peoples in Bishkek, on August 28, 1995

I appreciate highly the integration processes ongoing in the Central Asia. In my opinion, not only these countries, but also all of the states should move forward on the way of integration. This way will ensure the development of the economy and establishment of close relations among the states. By using the question asked from me I would like to say that I regret that the economic relations between Azerbaijan and the Central Asia are not developed well enough.

Our republics held meetings, sent delegations to each other, exchanged the cultural values and had closer relations when they were members of the Soviet Union in the past. These relations have been weakened now. But we want to widen these relations. On the basis of our historical background, common roots and the reason for which we have gathered here, Azerbaijan wishes to build economic, cultural, scientific and technical cooperation with all the countries of the Central Asia and integrate with them.

Translated from "Azerbaijan" newspaper, August 30, 1995