Speech of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev in front of the people by the monument of the legendary hero Mehdi Huseyn-zade - May 9, 1994

Nothing in history can be forgotten. The 1941-1945 war was a world war. The Azerbaijanis also took part in that war, had great losses. We can`t forget it. That was the most horrible war of the world, of the 20th century. We are at war now, too. But it is a regional war. In general, the world lives in peace thanks to the people who perished and the veterans who took part in that war. Our people will never forget them.

I congratulate you, the veterans of war on the Day of Victory, wish you the best and thank you for your active participation in the public and political life of the republic. Our country has been at war for six years, twenty per cent of our territories have been occupied, over one million people have become refugees. Our people will always remember the heroes who fought against our enemies...

The Azerbaijani people has to struggle in order to protect its honor, independence, territorial integrity, history, and future. We are not aggressors. But we have to defense our lands when we are attacked. I bow in front of our martyrs, who fought and perished for Azerbaijan. May they rest in peace. Their heroism has a worthy place in our history and is an example for our people. We shall never forget them. They are eternal.

We must defend our territories ourselves. No one will protect our country. It is our duty.

Your heroism will never be forgotten. You must do your best to raise our youth in the spirit of patriotism and loyalty to homeland.