Speech of the Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev at a solemn meeting of Milli ‎Majlis (Parliament) held on the occasion of the 80th jubilee of People´s Republic of ‎Azerbaijan - May 26, 1998

Dear Milli Majlis!

Dear chairman!

Dear deputies!

I congratulate you with my heart on the 80th anniversary of formation of the People's Republic of Azerbaijan, I wish you successes in your future activities in the name of development of Azerbaijan's independence.

I genially welcome all of you, I express respect to all deputies of Milli Majlis, constituting a powerful wing of the Azerbaijan state.

We with feeling of the profound pride celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Events carried out in last months in this connection in Azerbaijan, solemn ceremonies, scientific conferences have more widely presented activity of the Azerbaijan People's Republic to modern Azerbaijan, at the same time highly estimated a way gone by Azerbaijan people for 80 years and its achievements.

The Azerbaijan People's Republic has existed not for a long period. But it has become in XX century historical stage in a life of Azerbaijan people and laid the foundation of the future, independence, freedom, the sovereignty of our people. For this reason all citizens of Azerbaijan, all of us with feeling of the great gratitude recollect creation of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, its activity and founders, people which have shown samples of heroism during this period. At the same time we highly estimate the subsequent period.

At the end of 1992 the Azerbaijani people restored the independence which was found in 1918 and then lost. We live in condition of independence for six years. Azerbaijan has proved the independence, approved it in the international organizations and formed a basis for to be eternal and constant.

As 1918-1920, last six years were also very complex, heavy period. And we with feeling of pride can tell that we have overcome these difficulties, our state lives and continues to live in complex conditions, will live further successfully.

For creation of legal-normative bases of the independent state in Azerbaijan the Azerbaijan parliament, Milli Majlis, has carried out significant work in these years. Acceptance of the first democratic Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, independent Azerbaijan by nation-wide voting in November, 1995, is one of the historical events of XX century. On November 12, 1995 on the basis of democratic, open, free, fair elections, on the basis of a multi-party system the first parliament of independent Azerbaijan was elected in Azerbaijan.

Since then the parliament operates fruitfully and is the active participant of the state construction process, realization of political, economic reforms in Azerbaijan, strengthening and development of independence of Azerbaijan. I estimate highly activity of Milli Majlis, parliament, especially for last period. State, governmental bodies year after year get used more and more to functions and authorities fixed by the Constitution, and adapt correctly to these authorities and principles. It creates good opportunities to each state body to work fruitfully within the framework of the authorities.

From this point of view activity of Milli Majlis, the Azerbaijan parliament in last times is worth of esteem. I highly estimate it.

The basis of our life is made by the law. Our organic law is the Constitution. Laws adopted on the basis of the Constitution are the basic documents which provide the development of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Azerbaijan state today and in the future. And these laws are discussed and adopted by Milli Majlis.

Legislative activity has very much great value in every democratic state constructed on the basis of a principle of division of authority. As the result of legislative activity, laws are generated and the society is formed, people operate, build the life on the basis of these laws. All branches of the state can rationally carry out its activity on the basis of these laws. Therefore, once again I say, legislative activity is the most important part of the state. From this point of view, your work is of great importance and the results achieved by you are estimable.

Today it is possible to tell safely that the Azerbaijan state, independent Azerbaijan Republic is successor of the People's Republic established in 1918. We with honor, fidelity adhere to this principle of succession. Certainly, there is big difference between 1918-1920 and 1990 years or big distance between these periods. But this distance has not been filled with emptiness - in these 70 years the Azerbaijan people have lived, created, developed as the nation and founded today's economic, political, intellectual, cultural potential. All this together makes the 70-years period. Marking the 80th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, we estimate the 80-years way gone by Azerbaijan people, and all its achievements, we celebrate our achievements.

Certainly, in any country there are no any achievements without victims, losses. And it was so in Azerbaijan as well. Here there is nothing surprising. Our historians should analyze it, put everything on its places and give estimation to everything. Today we build the independent Azerbaijan state. Building the independent Azerbaijan state, we always appreciate the historical past, we are pleased to achievements, grieve about losses and victims.

Milli Majlis of the Azerbaijan Republic nowadays is the successor of the parliament created by the People's Republic. The succession always meant great responsibility. The succession does not mean that you should repeat any event which happened earlier, or to live at the same level. Each successor, valuing a principle of the heredity, being the successor of that period, developments, should lift that structure, period to higher level. We do it in Azerbaijan and have achieved much in this field.

I think that the Azerbaijan's present Milli Majlis with honor carries a name of the successor, and for the last years, in particular, for last period, it has done much for development of the independent Azerbaijan state. I express you my deep respect for all this. I want to express hope that you as well as in the future will gain high achievements and will be worthy of this honorable name.

Today's reality of Azerbaijan demands closer unity, solidarity in our country. I am glad that in present democratic structure of Azerbaijan healthy relationships have been established between all branches of authority on the basis of principles of the Constitution. And this creates very good conditions for rational activities for all of us - parliament, and the supreme executive body, all executive bodies and judicial bodies. I especially note business, sound, principal relations between parliament and the President.

Deputies acted here today have recollected a life of People's Republic in 1918-1920 when happened conflicts, struggle for authority and striking a blow on national interests because of personal interests. And it is a reality too. We should learn a lesson from the past. We should use its good features which are useful for today, but should not allow appearing of harmful features of the past again.

Unfortunately, for last six years existence of independent Azerbaijan was accompanied by the developments similar to that occurred in 1918-1920. Even if these developments have created difficulties, but could not prevent successful promotion of Azerbaijan on the way of the state independence. But despite it, today and in the future on the basis of strong principles, principles of ensuring of freedom of the person absolute providing of pluralism of opinion, political pluralism, the civil unity, civil solidarity, national unity should be established in Milli Majlis, in all state bodies, in our society and in people.

We work on this way and will work too. I assure you that as the President of Azerbaijan I consider this duty as my primary goal and I think that we will achieve many things in this field. But there are a lot of works to be done and there are also lacks which are necessary to be liquidated. I hope that as a result of our teamwork, even more healthy atmosphere, healthy mood will be created, and we will achieve the greater unity, solidarity both in a society, and in the state bodies by means of the further development of our strong relations existing nowadays in Azerbaijan.

Today once again I congratulate you on this great holiday and I consider very significant event of special discussion of the 80th jubilee of People's Republic in parliament, Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan, carrying out of celebratory meeting. I wish all of you strong health and successes in your activities.

Happy holiday!